How To Sell Furniture On Consignment

What is Furniture Consignment?

How to sell furniture on consignment isn’t a complicated process. But before we show you how, let’s define what furniture consignment is. Consigning furniture isn’t ideal for all pieces, but if you have antiques or pieces of great value, taking advantage of a consignment store is a good option. Most consignment stores don’t want your old college furniture or cheap, beat up pieces that hasn’t held its market value.

Selling furniture on consignment is ideal for furniture that is in great condition, can be categorized as antique, or if you think it has high value and are unsure how to sell or market it yourself.

How Do Consignment Stores Work?

Think of consignment stores as an upscale pawn shop. When you bring a piece into a consignment store they will appraise your item and either accept or reject it. If they accept it they will price your item and do the hard work of selling it for you. Once the item is sold, you will receive a percentage of the sale price.

Every store has different policies and standards. On average you will receive 40%-60% of the sale price from your item. The store will keep the rest and stay in business from their earnings from your sold item.

Before you consign your item, it’s important to ask how long they will try to sell the item or if there is a markdown schedule for your item if it is not sold within the first couple weeks.

Antique furniture for consignment

Preparing Furniture for Consignment

There aren’t any guarantees you will find success in consigning your piece, but there are a few things to consider: is your piece made of high quality material? Is it in like-new condition? Is the item in demand? If your item has 2 of those 3 factors, you should have a successful consignment experience.

The most common pieces that are consigned include:

  • Furniture
  • Lamps
  • Artwork
  • Specialty Antiques

This means you should shy away from consigning outdated technology like overhead projectors or very niche items. Those items sell better on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace

Even though furniture and specialty antiques are common items brought into consignment stores, they range in value. Before selecting a consignment store, be sure to visit multiple stores to pick the store that values your piece the highest.

Options Outside of Consignment

If you have researched all of your local consignment stores and they aren’t a perfect fit, there are still plenty of choices. Posting on Craigslist, selling on a marketplace app, or co-hosting a neighborhood garage sale for multiple items are other DIY options to get creative. Check out our guide to selling used furniture for more tips.

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