How To Sell Used Furniture

Apps and the internet have given up plenty of avenues to sell used furniture, but how can you make your furniture posting stand out AND sell for top dollar? We’ve got a few easy guidelines to follow that will turn your used furniture into cash:

  1. Research best places to sell locally
  2. Take high quality photos
  3. Write an engaging, detailed description
  4. Set a reasonable price
  5. List flaws or potential issues
  6. Be comfortable with negotiating

Research Best Places To Sell locally

  • Consignment Stores – Consignment stores often have plenty of turnover, so they are constantly looking to boost their inventory. Not all consignment stores buy used items and are donations only. A quick search of local stores that will buy your furniture could be a hassle free option.

  • Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace – If you don’t have the time to appraise your furniture at a consignment store, selling online is a great way to go. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are the 2 sites where your post can get the most exposure.

  • Apps- It doesn’t hurt to post your furniture in multiple places. Using apps like OfferUp and Letgo are two trusted names that make it easy to list your items. With both gaining users and becoming a popular option, posting on either (or both) can help you move your furniture fast.

Take High Quality Photos

Taking a high quality pic is the most important detail when selling online. Potential buyers surfing online marketplaces need to be impressed by the photo if there is any chance of them contacting you. Here are a few tips you can use to improve your photo skills:

  1. Make sure the item is well lit so the picture is clear and there are no distracting shadows.
  2. Don’t include any people or other items in the shot. Keep it simple.
  3. Avoid ANY CLUTTER in the photo. Clean the room the piece of furniture is in or hang a plain white sheet behind the item for a clean backdrop.
  4. Try to utilize natural light over artificial light. Too much artificial light will make your furniture look washed out or lack detail.
Table and chairs for sale
Used bookshelf for sale

Write a Detailed Description

Don’t write a bland description that lacks important details. Do your best Stephen King impersonation and write something engaging, warm and accurate about your piece. Your description is your space to convince potential buyers why your piece is more valuable to them than any other piece they see online. 

Below average description:

Brown leather couch in good condition. No stains and is few years old. Comes with an ottoman. Message for more details.

Engaging, detail oriented description:

Our lightly used brown leather couch is looking for a new home! It’s in great condition and comes with a matching ottoman. The couch is 6 ½ feet long, standing 3 ½ feet. There are no stains or rips and is the perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon nap (approved by our whole family). We bought it new 4 years ago for $650 and with no major wear and tear, it’s a bargain find for $300. Let us know if you’re interested!

List Flaws or Potential Issues

The easiest way to lose and upset potential buyers is by being deceptive in your post. If you leave out flaws or stains in your photo and description, the buyer will not be happy with you when they arrive to look at your item. Be upfront with buyers in your description. List if there are scratches, holes, or anything obvious. That will help set expectations and ensure the people interested in buying your item know what you’re selling before they arrive.

Set a Reasonable Price

Take some time to click around and see what other people are pricing similar items. It’s important to take any sentimental value out of your list price. The piece may mean more to you, but in order to sell it has to have a fair, objective price point.

Because we all have different ideas on price, be ready to negotiate. It’s normal to haggle back-and-forth to compromise on a final price. It’s a smart idea to set your list price, but also to have a number in mind for how low you are willing to go. This will help your mindset going into potential negotiating for your item. If you have multiple items to sell it’s worth considering hosting a garage sale or estate sale rather than selling each piece separately.

  How to sell used furniture isn’t about shady sales tactics or online formulas. It’s simply about being engaging and honest with your interested parties. If you need a little extra help making the sale, suggest Bungii to your buyer to help them get their new purchase home. Download the free app today!