Bungii: A Proper Introduction

What is Bungii?

That is the most obvious question that needs to be answered. The simple response is, “We are a KC-based app that puts a truck at your fingertips to help move & deliver stuff around town.”

Another turn-of-phrase we like to handout is, “Bungii is a pickup in your pocket!”

If we were satisfied with stopping our introduction at those two ‘business pick-up lines’, we would just link you to our website and call it a day. Both answers are tidy and 100% correct, but they don’t explain what we represent past the software.

Bungii isn’t just an app. It isn’t only a large item moving service. It isn’t a casual hobby. Bungii is something we are deeply passionate about, and its success or failure is decided by us.

The freedom and the pressure of that statement is shared evenly. The open-ended nature of what Bungii could be is one of the most attractive parts about it.

We started about two and a half years ago back in college at K-State. Bungii’s co-founder, Ben Jackson, drove a 1999 black Ford Ranger. One day he had four people ask him if they could borrow his truck to help them move something across town. After the fourth trip of the day, Ben was exhausted and suddenly not thrilled to be a truck owner. Completely worn out, he knew there had to be a better way.

The next day in class Ben was sitting next to Harrison Proffitt, Bungii’s co-founder, and whispered to him the problem of being everybody’s friend with a truck. Harrison’s solution was simple:

“Let’s start a business.”

Ben and Harrison didn’t know what they were about to get themselves into, but they walked out of class with a simple concept in mind: tap a button, get a truck.

That summer, they completed a successful test market in the Little Apple with a few close friends and a couple of old pickup trucks. 

The Original Bungii Crew
Ben's 1999 Ranger

Bungii has come a long way since then. It’s no longer only Ben and Harrison. The team has grown to six full time employees and over fifty drivers in Kansas City.

But starting a company isn’t easy. The early days can be filled with doubt and unknown. There are more bad days than good ones. However, it’s worth it. Bungii has given us a chance to chase something that doesn’t require someone else’s approval. A chance to transition out of the classroom and into the real world. To put our best efforts into one common goal: building a company.

We found a concept that allows us to develop our individual talents and ideas every day. We have the privilege of forming a singular vision for the future of Bungii. Our team’s daily choices shape what the company will be in the future– that is incredibly exciting and meaningful to us. We realize this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we refuse to take it for granted.

Yes, we are an alternative to pickup truck rentals. Sure, we’ve even been called, “The Uber for trucks that move stuff.” All of those judgments would be true but we are also ready to prove we are more– more than just taglines and fresh logos.

We are a group of young entrepreneurs who are driving a tech company forward with hard work, persistence, ambition and a little bit of personality.