“Launching in Columbus”- The Bungii Startup Story

Bungii is launching in Columbus, Ohio off the momentum from closing a $9.4 million Series A funding round. We are an app based, on-demand delivery service similar to other ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. But instead of moving people, we move’s people stuff. With an easy to use app and local certified Bungii drivers at your fingertips, getting a new mattress home from the store or making a pickup on Craigslist is now headache free.

Bungii has been operating since 2016 with headquarters in Kansas City. Since our start, we’ve proven the business model works averaging a compound monthly growth rate of 24% in 2019, maintaining a Net Promoter Score of 91 (industry average is 14), and being selected as the Silicon Prairie Startup of the Year.

"Launching in Columbus"- The Bungii Startup Story

Eyeing national expansion with a proven business model, We’re using the recent funding round to launch in more major markets. Columbus marks our 9th market in the nation and funding will help continue our aggressive, national expansion – by the end of 2021 we’ll be operating in every major metro area nationwide. 

Before launching Columbus, we opened our service in Boston and it was our fastest growing market to date. It’s encouraging to see our growth in each new market improve as we develop methods to launch more efficiently and with a better understanding of our customer acquisition model.

Within 2 years, we will have a nation-wide infrastructure layer in place providing on-demand, last mile, large item delivery. This includes the labor, vehicles, drivers, technology, logistics IP and end-to-end delivery value chain process/knowledge. It will be one of the largest sharing economy footprints in the US.

Enough with all the technical jargon. What all this means is hauling your stuff has never been easier in Columbus with Bungii. Keep a pickup in your pocket and download the app today.