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What Is the Best Local Selling App?

There are plenty of local selling apps out there, and more popping up everyday. If you are looking into selling your stuff we know you have enough clutter already, so we narrowed down the list of best selling apps. Based of how easy they are to use, size of the marketplace, and user experience with buying and selling, these are our favorite selling apps online:

Letgo is a great first option to check out for a few reasons. It has over 100 million downloads and has topped 20 million active monthly users. The size of their user base gives a huge advantage when you are trying to maximize your post’s reach.

Another great feature Letgo has is the app’s advanced image recognition technology that helps title and categorize your post for you.

Local Selling App

If you aren’t having any luck on Letgo, OfferUp is a similar alternative. They have a broad user base as well and posting only takes a couple of minutes. Upload 1-4 photos, choose your category, write a short description about the item and its condition. Once it’s posted, sit back and wait for the offers to pop up in your notifications feed.

Selling on Craigslist and using their app CPlus is a great tool to declutter your closets. With extensive categories that are constantly updating and 55 million monthly visitors to their site, your odds of selling quickly are high.

Listing your items are free and it’s easy to manage the people who have interest in your posted item.

Local Selling App

Facebook Marketplace is a growing resource for sellers and buyers to use their Facebook account to connect with other shoppers locally. It’s only a couple years old, but Facebook has proven they are here to stay in the buying and selling space. They continually add features and security measures to ensure deals are completed easier.

Use Bungii To Seal the Deal

If you’re selling furniture or other large items, Bungii is the perfect option for delivery.

Imagine this: you’ve found someone interested in buying your china cabinet, but they have no way to get it home, and you can’t help deliver it in your Prius. Yeah, that’s not gonna work.

But here’s the good news. Bungii is made for moments exactly like this. Especially when you’re delivering big and bulky items and need a cheap pick up and delivery service.

Bungii is an app based delivery service that puts a pickup truck in your pocket. You can download the Bungii app and schedule your delivery on-demand, next day, or at anytime.

How does Bungii Work?


A Bungii driver will meet you at your pickup location. You can schedule your pickup in advance or request a delivery on-demand.


Don’t worry about finding someone to give you a hand. Your Bungii driver will happily help you load your stuff, then help you unload when you reach your destination.

Simply download the app, snap a picture of the items you need moved or a screenshot of the post, and you will instantly get a free quote. Then, request a driver to meet you, and you’re done!

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