It All Started in a Dorm Room

Moving is in Bungii’s DNA.

When we started we didn’t have a boardroom, a water cooler, or a printer. All we had was a small dorm room with a spotty wifi connection. That’s where the first year and a half of Bungii was spent.

We still don’t have corner offices overlooking downtown or even need a massive boardroom yet but we have come a long way.

We were able to dig up a few photos of our past and current offices and wanted to give a virtual tour of our spaces.  You might notice in a few of the following pictures we use “office” as a very loose term.


Office #1: Harrison’s dorm room

Pros: Some days Harrison never had to get out of his pajamas to work. Deluxe custom office chairs were made up of a couch and some old, hand-me-down recliners.

Cons: It was tough not to feel cluttered living in and running a business out of a dorm room. Constant rearranging to host brainstorming sessions and meetings got a little old…  thank goodness for nearby coffee shops.


Office #2: C2FO

C2FO heard we were new to Kansas City and didn’t have an office. They graciously offered to let us work out of their spacious building.

Pros: Being in a real office space greatly improved productivity as we weren’t constantly rearranging furniture or being interrupted by dorm life. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a space designed for work. The coffee we permanently borrowed kept us running late into the evening.

Cons: Harrison could no longer work in his pajamas. We sometimes would get a little too distracted by the foosball and ping pong table. Due to the nature of a co-working space, we had to work out of our backpacks. It takes longer than you’d think to pack up the workspace every night and unpack it the following morning.


Office #3: King Street

C2FO’s hospitality was greatly appreciated but after a few new hires, we were rapidly outgrowing the co-working space. It was time for our first real office.

Pros: We finally had a place to call our own. We could fill the fridge and cabinets with our favorite food (gogurt). Hosting meetings and important calls were a little more professional without an intense ping pong match going on in the background.

Cons: We’ve found we aren’t great at watering and taking care of our own plants, so an office dog is out of the question. The “break room” doubles as a small kitchen/printing station – but that’s luxurious compared to the small dorm room where we started.