Fresh starts and new beginnings.

Above everything else, that is why Bungii exists.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the startup world and think our technology is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s easy to churn out numbers, spreadsheets, and plans for the future. It’s easy to talk about our setbacks and successes as young entrepreneurs. But that doesn’t tell the best parts of Bungii’s story. Our why isn’t found in the office.

We’re made up of the reasons drivers log into the app each day and the people who need help.

A new sofa isn’t just a new sofa. It’s a place where hundreds of memories will be made. Movie nights and naps and tough conversations and pillow fights and dog hair and laugh-till-you-cry moments will take place on it. A sofa is more than just a thing to sit on.

We’ve moved bunk beds, dinner tables, patio sets, lawn mowers, play houses, ovens, cribs, antique desks, a large bear carved out of wood and so much more, all of which are items that people will build their lives around. We’ve moved freshmen into dorms, newly weds into apartments and women out of domestic violence shelters. We’re grateful to be trusted during changing times and new chapters.

Our drivers have just as many stories. Some drive to save up for a new truck, others to surprise their family with a summer vacation. Some to save for an engagement ring, others to finish their education, and some to cover their kid’s medical bills. We take pride in the service we offer because of what it represents.

Bungii is the vehicle that delivers fresh starts and new beginnings. And we are deeply passionate about sharing that vehicle with the world.

But first, we gotta figure out how to take care of this delivery: