From the store, warehouse, or fulfillment center to a product’s final destination, learn more about ‘final mile delivery’ and how Bungii has helped small businesses tackle this growing need.


The term “final mile delivery” refers to the delivery of any items from a store, warehouse, or fulfillment center to its final destination.

While the term “last mile” is used more frequently, “final mile” is another term for the delivery of items from a store, warehouse, or fulfillment center to its final destination. Final mile delivery is the last leg of the supply chain and serves a specific purpose in each industry: to get items to the final destination from the long journey before.


Final Mile for Retailer Usage Final Mile for Commercial Usage
Deliver their customer’s purchases, usually to a home or business Deliver materials (eg carpet, paint, plywood, tires, tools) or equipment to worksites or warehouses
Offer multiple delivery options (buy online & deliver from store, threshold, white glove delivery) Transport inventory from one store or distribution center to another within the same city
Initiate “home to store” customer returns Haul large pallets or crates that contain various products, which are usually shipped shrink-wrapped


Every industry depends on the final mile to operate and get their products to consumers. Without a solid final mile strategy, any company faces inefficiencies and a loss of business because of a few key reasons:

  1. Final mile delivery is expensive. It is responsible for 53% of all shipping costs. Without the right fleet or system, businesses end up losing money by delivering more air than product.
  2. Expectations for delivery convenience have changed drastically in the last 10 years. Consumers want their new purchases in their hands within 48 hours, not two weeks.
  3. Both retail and commercial leaders continue to push what is possible when it comes to speed and convenience. Remaining competitive means following suit and offering fast and reliable delivery.

Final mile delivery accounts for up to 53% of all shipping costs.


Retailers - Traditional & Online

Surrounding your products with an easy to use and reliable final mile option is an effective way to stand out from your competition. Offering your customers same-day delivery with options like threshold delivery, buy online and deliver from store (BODFS), simple assembly, and white-glove service will boost your customer’s experience and gain brand loyalty.

Logistics Services - Commercial, Industrial & Delivery Services Companies

Hauling equipment, supplies and materials is a major hassle without the right plan in place. Let your business focus more on the job at hand and less on how to get your shipment to its destination. Bungii works as an extension of your logistics network providing hotshot deliveries and same day capabilities that gives your business added final mile flexibility.

Final mile delivery used to be stiff, expensive, and always behind schedule. That doesn’t have to be the case any more. Flexible, reliable, and easy to integrate final mile delivery options exist and are ready to give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace. With a Net Promoter Score of 87, which is 96 points above industry average, Bungii unlocks an industry-leading delivery experience for you and your customers.


According to a recent study from AlixPartners, customers are becoming more influenced by their supply chain experience over any other type of interaction. A reliable, quick final mile delivery provider is becoming a vital component of success for organizations from major retailers to local construction companies.

Bungii provides innovative solutions to help your business with your same day, final mile delivery challenges. No matter how you manage your final mile delivery needs, Bungii can add value and support your team. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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