From the store, warehouse, or fulfillment center to a product’s final destination, learn more about ‘last mile delivery’ and how Bungii has helped small businesses tackle this growing need.


The term “last mile delivery” refers to the delivery of any items from a store, warehouse, or fulfillment center to its final destination. Last mile delivery is a crucial part of logistics is the most expensive step. It is always the final leg of the supply chain and serves a specific purpose in each industry.

For retailers, last mile delivery means delivering purchased items to a customer’s home or business to its final destination.

Commercial and industrial companies use last mile delivery to bring materials to worksites, keep inventory where it’s needed most, and use less than truckload hauls to deliver oversized or palletized loads.



Last mile delivery happens across almost every industry and it is crucial to have an effective last mile delivery plan in place. Here are a few reasons why last mile delivery should be a high priority for every business:

  1. Last mile delivery costs up to 53% of all shipping costs. Traditional last mile delivery is expensive because it’s typically 1-3 items being delivered by vehicles designed to hold much more. Businesses end up delivering more air than product during the last leg of their deliveries and the lack of efficiency costs time and money.
  2. Consumers expect fast, easy to understand delivery options. They don’t want to be given a 4-hour delivery window sometime next week, they want their new purchases to arrive within 48 hours at a time that is convenient for them.
  3. Leaders in retail and commercial industries are innovating in the last mile space. Amazon is the perfect example of this. They have reduced delivery times down to 2 hours in metro areas and under 48 hours across most of the nation. In order to stay competitive, a reliable last mile delivery option is a necessity.

Last mile delivery accounts for up to 53% of all shipping costs.

Optimization is key to defining your plan for new delivery solutions.


A great place to start is by doing some market research. Find out what your competitors are doing for their last mile deliveries and take note of how effective it is. Once you have an idea of what others in your market are doing, you can begin pursuing new ways of improving your own logistics strategy. Identifying areas in need of optimization is key to defining your plan for implementing new delivery solutions.

After you’ve identified the areas of your logistics plan you need to change, the next step is finding a third-party logistics partner that can effectively provide the changes you are looking for. It could be a third-party LTL carrier, additional software, or a service like Bungii that combines a virtual fleet with a platform that simplifies tracking deliveries and trends for your business.

Who Needs Last Mile Delivery?

Retailers - Traditional & Online

An effective delivery solution will help get your products into your customer’s hands and improve their entire buying experience.

Regional Franchises

Customizing your last mile strategy, services and needs will lower costs and improve efficiency on a large scale.

Small Businesses - Local

Keeping up with your competition means finding every advantage possible. A proven last mile delivery strategy is a great way to offer a service that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Logistics Services

Commercial, Industrial & Delivery Services Companies

Hauling equipment, supplies and materials is a major hassle without the right plan in place. Let your business focus more on the job at hand and less on how to get your shipment there.

National Corporations

Cutting down on delivery overhead and simplifying your logistics network positively impacts your bottom line. Implementing a delivery solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing logistics plan will change how you do business.


Last mile delivery will always be an important step in completing industrial and construction projects, getting product into consumers’ hands, and delivering big & bulky items efficiently. Finding ways to improve the systems you already have in place is a great way to maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace and save money in the process. Bungii has innovative solutions to help businesses with their same day, last mile delivery challenges. No matter how you manage your last mile delivery needs, Bungii can add value and support your team. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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