Small Businesses, large retailers, and established industrial companies depend on last mile delivery to keep their business operating. Bungii is on a mission to simplify last mile delivery in Boston and keep businesses of all sizes moving forward.


“Last mile delivery” refers to items being delivered from any location to its final dropoff point. Almost every industry uses it to move product or supplies from point A to point B. Last mile delivery in Boston is happening constantly from stores, warehouses, and fulfillment centers. Last mile delivery is crucial but can be difficult to develop because it is the most expensive step in the supply chain. Getting items into customer’s hands is costly, but necessary, and having a strong last mile strategy is important for all businesses and sellers.

The first American lighthouse was built on the shores of Boston Harbor. We may not be able to move a lighthouse for you, but Bungii can move anything else that fits in a pickup.

Businesses of all sizes are using Bungii for flexible, reliable delivery.

Last Mile Delivery

Who is Using Bungii in Boston?

Bungii is perfect for getting new purchases home, materials to a job site, or anything in between. Customers at stores like Goodwill, Cambridge Antique Market and more can get their big & bulky buys home the same day they bought them. Bungii is an easy to use, reliable delivery service that is ready to deliver when you are. Our flexible platform fits the needs of any business or individual, whether they are hauling furniture, moving pallets, or returning items. Bungii has optimized last mile delivery in Boston and continues to improve the delivery experience throughout the Boston area.

How to Use Bungii in Boston

The importance of last mile delivery in Boston is here to stay. Established retailers, growing small businesses, and major industrial companies need products delivered reliably throughout Boston at all times. Bungii offers that with a unique platform that gives businesses and individuals the ability to deliver large items on their own schedule. Unlocking Bungii’s virtual fleet for your delivery needs is the best option for Boston delivery.

Optimization is key to defining your plan for new delivery solutions.

Last Mile Delivery in Boston

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