On Demand Local Delivery

What Does on Demand Delivery Mean?

On Demand Delivery differs slightly in definition depending on which industry it is referring to. Most people think of food delivery when they hear the phrase “on-demand local delivery”. In the food industry, anything under an hour is considered on-demand. No one waits three hours for a pizza delivery and is happy about it. Because of expectations, on-demand tends to be very fast when it comes to food delivery.

For shipping and large item deliveries, the term “on-demand” is a little more loose. If a furniture store can deliver heavy or big & bulky items the same day or the next day, they will advertise it as on-demand delivery. This is because shipping large goods on short notice is a logistical nightmare. Plus, it’s just common sense that the standards of a ramen and sushi DoorDash delivery is different from a 3 piece sectional delivery from Big Lots.

Local Pickup and Delivery Service

Even though on demand delivery can be difficult to offer as a business for large items, we have some good news.

 Bungii is the perfect solution for retailers and commercial businesses looking to improve their logistics plan.

Bungii is a same day, local delivery service that specializes in hauling large items and big and bulky goods. Whether you operate a mattress store, manage a fulfillment center, or run a small business that needs a full service delivery partner. Bungii is a perfect option when you need to deliver large items the same or next day.

Why On Demand Local Delivery Important

On Demand local delivery is an important way to boost your last mile delivery plan. Here are a few reasons why on demand last mile delivery should be a high priority for every business:

  1. Last mile delivery costs up to 53% of all shipping costs. Traditional last mile delivery is expensive and lacks flexibility and timeliness. Businesses end up delivering more air than product during the last leg of their deliveries and the lack of efficiency costs time and money.
  2. Consumers expect fast, easy to understand delivery options. They don’t want to be given a 4-hour delivery window sometime next week, they want their new purchases to arrive within 48 hours at a time that is convenient for them.
  3. Leaders in retail and commercial industries are innovating in the last mile space. Amazon is the perfect example of this. They have reduced delivery times down to 2 hours in metro areas and under 48 hours across most of the nation. In order to stay competitive, a reliable last mile delivery option is a necessity.

Last mile delivery accounts for up to 53% of all shipping costs.

Final Mile Delivery


On demand local delivery Last mile delivery adds major convenience to your customers and simplifies your last mile strategy. Finding ways to improve the systems you already have in place is a great way to maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace and save money in the process. Bungii has innovative solutions to help businesses with their same day, last mile delivery challenges. No matter how you manage your local last mile delivery needs, Bungii can add value and support your team. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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