Same day delivery for couches is changing. Customers don’t want to wait weeks to sit on their new furniture. Bungii is here to fix that. Find out how we are speeding up delivery and delighting customers with better delivery.

How to Get Same Day Couch Delivery for Your Business

Average couch delivery still takes longer than most of us would like. Depending on the retailer,  furniture delivery can take anywhere from one day to 12 weeks.¹ The wide range of time is due to many stores being backed up on their delivery schedule. This leads to an inconsistent experience for the customer and cancels out any chances of offering same day or next day furniture delivery.

No matter what size store you have, you can remain competitive by offering same day delivery with a focus on customer experience by partnering with Bungii. We will help boost your logistics plan and allow you to offer industry leading delivery without any overhead costs.

Same day delivery is common for small and medium sized items, Bungii is making it possible for Big & Bulky items too.

Final Mile Delivery

Why is Same Day Couch Delivery Important?

Same day delivery is quickly becoming an expectation from customers across all industries, especially large item retailers like couches and other big & bulky furniture. While consumers expect faster delivery, many businesses selling large items are behind in implementing a same day or next day delivery solution. Now is the perfect time for furniture retailers to look for same day solutions for a few reasons:

Consumers expect a same day delivery option
0 %
consumers consider "fast delivery" to mean within 24 hours
0 %
Consumers willing to pay more for same day delivery
0 %
consumers would decide against buying if same day delivery is not an option
0 % +

These stats are proof a great product on its own doesn’t cut it anymore. By pairing your inventory with couch delivery that works fast, the shopping experience changes for all of your customers.

Top notch furniture delivery boosts customer experience and brings in more business. According to Capgemini,  82% of customers who were satisfied with their delivery shared their experiences with family and friends, and another 58% shared their positive feedback on social media. 

Offering same day couch delivery to your shoppers will leave them satisfied with their buying experience.

How Can I Offer Same Day Couch Delivery?

Last mile delivery is typically the most expensive part of the supply chain. Switching delivery services is often a big task and usually means investing time and money. But this is why Bungii is the ideal option for businesses of any size. With no overhead costs or API integration, your business can unlock an industry-leading and customer focused delivery service.

Bungii stands out from other delivery providers because we cater to your specific business needs. Our custom delivery options will help you add new features your customers are asking for. Features like Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS)  and Buy Online, Deliver from Store (BODFS) are both great delivery options to add convenience for your shoppers.

Bungii’s flexible platform will meet your business’ unique delivery needs without costing you more time and money.

Final Mile Delivery

Our platform provides an incredible, white label experience, like BODFS delivery, that your customers will love. We have enabled same-day delivery for top brands nationwide and are actively seeking industry-leading companies that will benefit from an enhanced delivery experience. Learn how Bungii helped a national retailer boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own same day appliance delivery by contacting our business team today.

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