No Truck? No Problem.

We work hard to ensure that getting your large purchases home is easy. Here are some things that are beneficial to know to help keep things as seamless:

1. We recommend texting your driver a picture of the receipt. This helps him and store employees verify he’s picking up the correct item.

2. If your purchase comes in a box, double check to make sure that it’s right. Sometimes employees to grab the wrong box. We’ve been there and would love to save you from the frustration of unboxing an item & realizing it’s the wrong piece.

3. If your purchase is at a loading area be sure to let your driver know which one, especially at bigger stores. This helps prevent hassle and saves time.

4. Our certified Bungii drivers are trained to work with employees, especially regarding tying down and securing your new purchases. In most cases all you have to do it sit back and let them do the work.