Shared Office Space Company Breather Partners with Bungii

What is Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces, also called coworking spaces, are a major trend growing businesses are latching onto. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of shared offices, think of it like a gym membership. Your startup or growing business can sign up to coworking spaces like Breather, WeWork or Regus. Signing up gives you access to conference rooms, individual work spaces, and presentation resources that can really up your company’s game. It is especially attractive for smaller companies who want to avoid renting and buying their own equipment upfront.

Why Are Coworking spaces Becoming Popular

There are a few standout reasons coworking spaces are a trendy choice for millennials and entrepreneurs. Here’s how shared office space companies provide value to their members:

1. Networking Opportunities– One of the draws to coworking spaces is the community within the building. With many entrepreneurial minds under one roof, coworking encourages collaboration and mixing ideas together.

2. Less Responsibilities– Worrying about maintenance and cleaning is a thing of the past when you are a member. The monotonous tasks of taking out the garbage, vacuuming, and restocking the kitchen won’t eat up your team’s time any longer.

3. Short Term Commitments– Leasing and floor plan options provide maximum flexibility for a company in a growth period. Your company can avoid getting stuck in a  traditional long term lease and expand your membership in a coworking space as needed.

4. All About Location — Coworking buildings often have prime real estate in major cities. You don’t have to worry about finding the best buildings and central locations in your city to attract top talent. Shared offices are already there and waiting for your sign-up.

Shared Office Space Company Breather partners with Bungii

Why Breather Stands Out

The shared space is an industry quickly filling up with options, so how do you know which one to choose? One company that stands out to us is Breather. They provide global availability with over 500+ locations worldwide. They also offer flexible floor plans and transparent pricing so you can sign up for exactly what your team needs. Lastly, they have a customer care team available 24/7 and a dedicated account manager that can assist you with anything, regardless of what your work hours are.

Companies that have used Breather include Facebook, Google, Spotify, and many other major brands. But if your team hasn’t made it big yet don’t worry, Breather has flexible options for smaller startups and the resources to support your growth. Check out their rates online to find the best option for you.

Bungii and Breather’s Partnership

Bungii and Breather have partnered to make organizing and customizing their workspaces more efficient. With Bungii providing on demand delivery, we can help Breather move office equipment, deliver resources for special events, and bring a little extra muscle to the already versatile workspaces they provide. Bungii looks forward to assisting Breather and their members with any of their delivery needs. If you are a member at Breather, ask your account manager how Bungii can be a resource for you.

If you aren’t a Breather member, but still want to learn more about how Bungii can help your business, check out our business logistics solutions page.