“Wait, It’s Actually Working?”

January 2018: “Woah, this thing might actually be working…”

We hoped, planned and trusted we’d find success but it still snuck up on us. We were so focused with the idea of working hard, we didn’t look up from our grindstone to realize that Bungii was ready to evolve.

 Kansas City and Atlanta were firing on all cylinders. The Bungii name was rapidly spreading across two major cities with no signs of slowing down.

However, the workload of managing two cities caused us to rethink what we were doing and why we were doing it.

 Things were changing. It was weird.

 But re-evaluating was also extremely valuable. We were so caught up in the day to day problems that we hadn’t stopped to think about the big picture. Our laundry list of high-level problems weren’t going to solve themselves.

 As a young company run by twenty-somethings we had never been concerned with questions like how do you hire the right people? Who is responsible for what? How do we make this thing profitable? Should we make this thing profitable? What’s that one magic trick that instantly brings us to a national level?

 These new and important questions forced us to reach a new level of organization within Bungii. It was no longer all hands on deck when a problem came flying at us. We had defined roles to handle defined challenges. We were turning into a “real” business.

 Again, it’s weird. It’s weird when you take the chance to look back at how far you’ve come and see how much has changed. It’s weird when the complete free-for-all transforms into processes and structure. It’s weird growing up.

The maturing process is never picture perfect but it doesn’t have to be. Our team had doubled in size and spread across the country. That doesn’t happen without a few aches and pains, but now we were a little smarter and a little wiser. We were ready for our next challenge: our nation’s capital.