What a Quesadilla Is Teaching Us About Logistics

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Chipotle announced last month they were introducing a new item to their menu. That’s right, you can now get a hand-crafted quesadilla from almost every Chipotle location. But here’s the catch, you can only order it through the Chipotle app or online. If you’re wondering why the logistics industry should care about a dang quesadilla, here is the company’s reason for offering a digital only menu item:

In the summer of 2020, Chipotle tested the Quesadilla as a digital-only menu item to capitalize on the brand's digital scale while removing operational friction by utilizing its Digital Kitchen. This pilot, conducted in Cleveland and Indianapolis, was part of the brand's stage-gate process which allows Chipotle to listen, test and learn from customer feedback, and iterate before deciding on a national launch strategy.

Putting their new quesadilla on their digital menu isn’t some gimmick they wanted to build a marketing campaign around. This was a strategic decision (and a good tasting decision too). Launching the quesadilla allowed Chipotle to gather data and customer feedback to determine a broader national launch strategy for their new digital kitchen concept. Ths digital kitchen is intended to improve efficiency and convenience for customers who are now accustomed to Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online, Deliver From Store (BODFS) options.

Creating unique, exclusive experiences can make retailers stand out from the competition, build buzz around a new product, and gain customer loyalty by meeting and exceeding the demands of today’s “same day” customer mentality. Innovative retailers who use delivery to create better experiences are the ones that will excel in the new world of “I need this now” customer expectations.

Businesses looking to grow and gain market share are planning to add long term BOPIS and BODFS capabilities and deliver on new, inventive ways of exciting and delighting customers. The way your business meets these demands needs to be a priority to not only compete, but excel in this new era of same day delivery demands.

The Perfect Mix of Brick & Mortar and eCommerce

In the past, established retailers have managed their eCommerce and storefront inventory separately. The traditional multi-channel model does not provide the speed and flexibility that is so important in today’s last mile landscape. Forward thinking businesses have been shifting to an omni-channel model that allows them to use existing store locations to help fulfill online orders and get products to customers much faster.

Same day and next day delivery becomes a possibility when businesses start looking at their stores as fulfillment centers as well as retail locations. It makes products more accessible, closer to the consumer’s delivery destination, and provides them the speed and convenience customers are now expecting out of all deliveries. Having the right delivery partner to complete an excellent omni-channel buying experience for your customers is the key to maximizing the potential of BOPIS and BODFS options.

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Unlock Retail Potential with Best-in-Class Logistics

When you begin thinking of your business as an omni-channel operation, it’s crucial you make each step of the buying experience seamless. Using your storefronts as a fulfillment center and implementing delivery features like BODFS allows a frictionless path to checkout for customers. Including an incredible delivery experience, like BOPIS and BODFS, into the buying process combines the convenience of buying online with the immediacy of seeing an item in store and bringing it home the same day.

Bungii’s custom platform will meet your specific businesses delivery needs.

Final Mile Delivery

Getting creative with your business model and building an effective omni-channel sales system wasn’t an option for most retailers five years ago, and if it was an option it was an extremely expensive one. The good news is that was then and this is now. Bungii is changing what’s possible and helping retailers stand out with innovative best-in-class, same day delivery services.

If you want to not only beat competition, but truly innovate and get ahead, contact Bungii. We are a big and bulky, last mile service with a commitment to delighting our partners and their customers. We’re able to do this by combining our tech-enabled platform with a virtual fleet of delivery professionals. We’ve activated same day delivery for top brands nationwide and continue to grow, bringing an industry-leading delivery experience to businesses across multiple industries.

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