Where to Buy Used Furniture in Louisville

Top 5 Best Used Furniture Stores

Louisville has plenty of beautiful furniture being sold in vintage and antique shops. There is no shortage of consignment stores that are holding your next favorite treasure. It was tough narrowing down our list to just five shops, but here’s our favorite places where to buy used furniture in Louisville, Ky.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? We jotted down our best tips for buying used furniture. Once you’ve got those down, your ready to hit some stores!

1. Eyedia Consignments

The team at Eyedia Consignments believes redecorating and updating your home’s style should be fun, simple, and affordable. They have been operating since 2004 and have a steady stream of home furnishings coming into the store each week.

They sell lightly used modern furniture, home decor, discounted rugs, and local art. Their knowledgeable team will help guide you through their showroom to find exactly what you are looking for.

Where to Buy Used Furniture in Louisville
Via Eyemedia

2. Thrift 'N' Thrive

Thrift ‘N’ Thrive carries furniture, accessories, house decor, and more. They have like new, high quality items coming in weekly and selling at the lowest retail prices. If you can’t make it to the store, you can also shop their inventory on their eBay store.

Not only are you bringing home awesome finds when you shop Thrift ‘N’ Thrive, you are also supporting your community. They provide crucial job training and all profits go to Re:Center Ministries who help people overcome homelessness in Louisville.

Thrift 'N' Thrive Consignment Furniture
Via Thrift 'N' Thrive

3. YesterNook

YesterNook sells a wide variety of vintage, retro, antique, and modern furniture. Their expertise in everything vintage will guarantee your shopping experience with them is a success.

They have constant turnover in their store that goes beyond furniture. They also sell collectibles, home accessories and artwork.

If vintage, Mid-century, or retro furnishings are on your list of must-haves, Vintage YesterNook is worth shopping. 

Best Used Furniture Store in Louisville
Via YesterNook

4. Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web Consignment has been providing a non-stop stream of used furniture and accessories to the Louisville area since 1998. With a constantly changing inventory, it’s never a wrong time to stop in and see their collection of lightly used dining sets, sofas, patio furniture, bedroom sets, and more.

Charlotte’s Web is one of the largest consignment stores in Louisville, and their friendly staff is always ready to help you find your new favorite treasure to take home.

Where to Buy Used Furniture in Louisville
Via Charlotte's Web

5. Furniture Dudes

Didn’t think furniture shopping could be fun? Think again.

Furniture Dudes understands furniture stores can be a nightmare, so they work hard to keep shopping their inventory casual and easy. Most of their inventory is new and direct from the manufacturer, but they also do refurbishing and reclaiming of wood furniture and household goods.

If you are looking for something specific like nightstands, vintage chests, wood bed frames, or arm chairs, visit Furniture Dudes to check out their latest collection of refurbished furniture.

consignment Furniture In Louisville, KY
Via Furniture Dudes

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