Where to Get Moving Boxes

Are you moving or packing for storage soon and need to know where to get moving boxes? We’ve got a few suggestions that can get you packing and on your way. If you are short on time and don’t mind spending a little extra on moving expenses, we compiled a list of the best places to buy boxes.

If you are hoping to be more thrifty and don’t mind searching, we’ll lay out some great ideas of where to get cardboard boxes for moving.

Pay for boxes

If you want to ensure your moving boxes are unused and high quality, or if you want to choose their sizes, here are a few places where you can buy them:

1. Amazon.com

It might seem counterintuitive to ship your moving boxes to you, But Amazon is the best place to purchase moving boxes. Helpful sizing charts, competitive prices, and a variety of sellers to choose from makes Amazon the top choice when it comes to buying moving boxes.

Another big perk of ordering from Amazon is the customer reviews. Always look at what other buyers are saying so you can judge the durability and quality of the boxes you are buying. The seller should have consistent five-star reviews and no common issues or complaints shared by multiple customers. Once you’ve checked reviews and done your homework on Amazon, finding a clear winner should be light work.

2. Home Improvement Stores

If you aren’t comfortable shopping online,  or want to check out the boxes in person, or simply don’t have time to wait for them to ship, the next option should be home improvement stores. Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware all have competitive pricing for moving boxes.

Another positive of picking up boxes at these stores is being able to buy other tools and last minute items you may need for the move. It’s easy to forget the small things like tape, box cutters, Sealed bags, trash bags, and zip ties. Making a stop at your local home improvement store is a great option to get everything you need in one trip.

3. Walmart

The last suggestion we have for purchasing boxes is to visit your local Walmart. They won’t have as much variety in their stock, but a major perk of finding boxes at Walmart is most locations are open 24/7. If you wake up in the middle of the night the day before your move and realize you need 25 more boxes, the convenience of a nearby Walmart might save you a little stress. Waiting for the other stores in your area isn’t conducive for the panicked, last minute box-shopper.

Stores getting rid of boxes

Free Boxes

4. Craiglist

The first place you should check is the “Free” section on craigslist. The “Free” section can be filled with plenty of miscellaneous items, but if you have the patience to click through a few pages you might hit the jackpot and find a few people eager to get rid of their boxes. You can also post your own ad letting Craigslist regulars know you are in the market for boxes in good shape.

5. Liquor Stores

Another place where to get large cardboard boxes is your local liquor store. With large shipments coming in often, Liquor stores typically have extra boxes lying around that are headed to recycling. Stop in and ask the manager if you can make their job a little easier by taking a few stacks of boxes off their hands. Don’t be shy about asking because you are probably doing them a favor!

6. Book Stores

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for at the liquor store, your next stop should be a nearby bookstore. Bookstores have a similar problem: with constant shipments coming in they normally have extra sturdy boxes that are perfect for moving dishes, knick-knacks and (you guessed it) books.

7. Your Employer

Another great resource to check for moving boxes is your employer. Most businesses and offices have extra boxes that get recycled or thrown away. Get in contact with your building’s maintenance or janitorial crew and ask if they could save you a few boxes over the next week. They might even have some ready to go so you don’t have to wait.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace is worth a shot to track down boxes online. Joining local buy and trade groups or checking the Free section on Marketplace offers is a great option if you are striking out on other platforms or stores. Since it is a section of Facebook, it is extremely easy to message people on the spot, or make a post of your own asking if people in your community have a few boxes to spare.

9. Dollar Stores

The last store to check is an easy one to forget about, but Dollar stores are full of boxes in various sizes. Like most stores, dollar stores recycle or throw away old boxes after large shipments. Ask the manager if you can help cut down on their recycling bulk by taking as many boxes as you can get your hands on.

Now that you have a list of where to get moving boxes, you are bound to have a HUGE selection of boxes ready to haul back to your home. If you find yourself running out of space for all the boxes you need, use Bungii to bring your boxes home. Bungii will help you worry about one less thing and get you packing up in no time. You can download the app directly to your phone here.