Common Questions

So what exactly is Bungii?+

  • Bungii is a mobile app that puts a truck at your fingertips to help move, haul and deliver stuff across town. We've been compared to popular ride sharing apps but instead of moving people, we move people's stuff.

So are you a moving company? When should I refer my clients to Bungii?+

  • Great question. No, we're not a moving company, think on-demand moving/delivery for large items. For sellers, we help declutter by taking items to the Good Will or the dump. For buyers, we come into the picture after moving day to help get the "settling in" purchases home. This includes patio sets, dining room tables, or living room furniture.
  • Essentially, we just want to be available for your clients next, "I need a truck" moment. Here are some more examples of use cases.

How much does it cost?+

  • We charge $1/min and $1/mile with a $30 minimum. To get something across town it usually costs around $40. Time starts when the driver arrives at the pickup location and ends when the driver is done unloading. Estimate are always available before the trip via the app. We learned about pricing the hard way, find out what we mean by that here.

Is there a coupon for my clients?+

  • Yes! Refer code: HN20 for 20% off your client's first Bungii.
  • Input the code while creating an account or under the "Save Money" tab in the app.

Who are the Bungii drivers and are they safe?+

  • Bungii drivers are local members of your community that have passed our 10-point safety and qualification standard to become Bungii certified. They could be anyone from a military veteran to a college student to an off-duty firefighter or policeman. Safety and excellence are two attributes we pride ourselves on; learn about the steps we take to ensure excellence here.
Meet Josh Shaw, a firefighter and a Bungii driver.

What drives us? Good question.

Posted by Bungii on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How to Share

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More Information

Since Bungii launched, realtors from all over Atlanta have been referring Bungii to their clients. Now we're excited to announce our partnership with Harry Norman and be an even greater help in the industry. We realize that your recommendations are a direct reflection of you and your business so we don't take that for granted. We look forward to being a resource and tool that you can pass on to make your client's day just a little bit easier.  

Here's how it works: 

  1. Download Bungii and create an account. 
  2. Tap the '$' sign at the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Share the app with your clients directly or to your whole network via social media.
  4. Make sure they input code: HN20 for 20% off their first trip. 

If you have any comments or questions, feel free text our support line at (913) 353-6683; we're standing by.