Gym Equipment Delivery

Exercise Equipment Delivery

2020 is the time to grow your collection of home gym equipment. The only problem is the best and most effective training equipment is expensive to have shipped, and difficult to get home on your own. Finding an inexpensive and reliable gym equipment delivery is a must if you are buying locally from stores or from online marketplaces like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Save the workout for your new equipment! Your Bungii Drivers will take care of the heavy lifting and deliver your elliptical trainers, treadmills, weights, and weight benches into your home or training area.

Gym Equipment Delivery and Assembly

One of the best places to buy gym equipment is through local selling apps like OfferUp and Letgo. People in your area are looking to sell good condition gym equipment at a cheaper rate than sporting good stores. No matter where you buy them from, weights will always be heavy, right?

Bungii’s pick up option is super flexible no matter where you are picking up from. If it’s a new stationary bike from Dick’s Sporting Goods, Bungii can do it. If it’s a used weight set and rowing machine from someone on Facebook Marketplace. Bungii can do it.  If you need help with general assembly your driver(s) can assist with that also!

Bungii Drivers are ready to help make your home gym setup complete.

How Does Bungii Work?


A  Bungii driver will meet you at your delivery pickup location. You can schedule your pickup in advance or request a delivery on-demand.


Don’t worry about finding someone to give you a hand. Your Bungii Driver will happily help you load your stuff, then help you unload when you reach your destination.

Simply request a Bungii delivery including the details of your items and you will instantly get a free quote. Next, request a driver to meet you, and you’re done!

have a gym Equipment business?

Bungii can supercharge your business with on-demand, big & bulky delivery that integrates seamlessly into your existing processes.  Our premium delivery solution is built on an industry-leading, intelligent logistic platform, our professional drivers and 5-star customer service.