Medical Equipment Delivery

Medical Supply Deliveries

Hospitals, medical supply stores, assisted living homes, and individuals who need medical supplies brought directly to their home rely on medical equipment delivery. To operate at their highest levels of care and quality of life, they depend on timely delivery of medical products.

Transferring or picking up equipment is essential in making sure health care professionals are providing the best care possible.

How Can Bungii Help?


A  Bungii driver will meet you at your delivery pickup location. You can schedule your pickup in advance or request a delivery on-demand.


Don’t worry about finding someone to give you a hand. Your Bungii Driver will happily help you load your stuff, then help you unload when you reach your destination.

Simply request a Bungii delivery including the details of your items and you will instantly get a free quote. Next, request a driver to meet you, and you’re done!

What Are the Types of Medical Equipment

Commonly moved medical equipment is often durable or prepackaged to stay safe during the delivery period. These pieces of equipment include: Manual/electric wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, crutches, plastic pumps, mattresses, and other bulky items that need extra space during delivery.

Power Wheelchair Delivery

Power wheelchairs are one of the most common pieces of medical equipment delivered. They are versatile pieces of equipment and have many uses in hospitals and for individuals alike. Delivering them from a medical supply store can be difficult because they are large, heavy, and tricky to transport in the average vehicle.

Many courier services and traditional delivery services won’t deliver them, or will charge high prices because of their weight and size.

If you are a medical supply store or hospital looking to improve your delivery process, consider using Bungii to help lower your costs and boost your delivery reliability. Visit our business page to find out more about how we can be a resource for you.

In the Medical Supply Business?

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Bungii can supercharge your business with on-demand, big & bulky delivery that integrates seamlessly into your existing processes.  Our premium delivery solution is built on an industry-leading, intelligent logistic platform, our professional drivers and 5-star customer service.