“Wait, It’s Actually Working?”

It’s weird. It’s weird when you take the chance to look back at how far you’ve come and see how much has changed. It’s weird when the complete free-for-all transforms into processes and structure. It’s weird growing up.

The Best Dumb Decision I Ever Made

My mind raced back to California. Jumping on the fast-track to corporate success sounded like the right move. The sunny, 75 degree weather and lure of easy west coast living was too good to turn down. But for some reason I did.

The Joy of Ambition

Focusing on the negatives is too simple — the tough part is admitting it. But there is just as much joy in the the failures as there is in the solutions. Once we acknowledged that simple truth, it changed everything.

Raised Royal

The anxiety from a roller coaster’s first drop was how we felt about our last semester of college. We strapped in and slowly lurched our way towards graduation. But our roller coaster wasn’t already built; we were laying down track as we plummeted to the ground. It’s safe to say we were a little unprepared.

Chances Are You’ve Been There Before…

After only 10 seconds, our confidence was gone. We were stuck in the middle of an awkward silence with an audience waiting for someone to do something. We were being forced to go off script before we even said a word. Standing there completely taken aback, we shared hurried glances at each other trying to silently figure out what our opening line was. Our rehearsals was somewhere other than our brains.