Solving Problems in the Supply Chain: 5 Steps to Take Now to Prepare for 2022

If you’ve tried to order anything online recently you’ve probably seen items sold out or even unknown shipping dates. Not much of an online shopper? ...
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2021 How Bungii Changed Delivery for a Major Retailer in 45 Days

How Bungii Changed Delivery for a Major Retailer in 45 Days

Changing last mile delivery for retailers doesn’t happen overnight. If you are waiting to add, or change, your last mile program to speed up your ...
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Virtual Fleet Delivery

Why a Virtual Delivery Fleet Is the Next Best Thing for Large Item Retailers

There’s no secret that the retail space is incredibly competitive. So what are major retailers focusing on right now to stay at the top of ...
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What a Quesadilla is Teaching Us About Logistics

What a Quesadilla Is Teaching Us About Logistics

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Chipotle announced last month they were introducing a new item to their menu. That’s right, you can ...
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Bungii Delivery Pro Feature: Matthew B.

School is back in session and for many that means picking up side hustles to help pay for university enrollment, books, and rent. It can …

Choosing a Third Party Delivery Service? Read this First.
Our post-pandemic summer is winding down! With customers’ delivery expectations rising, your business is probably looking to ramp delivery capabilities. Bringing on a third-Party Logistics ...
Customer Expectations for Retail Delivery & How Businesses can Rise to new Demand
Customers have almost endless options to shop online and in their local neighborhoods. With this expanded availability of products, they expect more of businesses: faster ...
Last Mile Delivery Trends in 2021

Last Mile Delivery Trends 2021

Last mile delivery has changed drastically in the past year. Logistics analysts report the combination of the pandemic along with the recent holiday rush have

Rethinking Last Mile Delivery

Rethinking Last Mile Delivery

There is no doubt about it, demand for last mile delivery has taken off in the last five years and continues to grow at a

Same Day Delivery for Holidays 2020

Same Day Delivery for Holidays 2020

What’s worse than getting coal in your stocking? Missing out on ready-to-buy holiday shoppers because of inventory shortages. Everything is on backorder (including the coal)