Bungii Christmas Letter 2019

AT THE START OF 2019… Bungii was made up of 13 people spread across 4 cities. We had big plans for the new year and …

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Driver Spotlight with Carlos Curry

Carlos Curry Gets It Done

1. Tell us about yourself.  My name is Carlos, I am 43 years old, I currently reside in the atlanta area and I have over …

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Volunteering and sorting a thrift store

How We Volunteered Our Way to $3 Million

A lot has changed since the summer of 2017. Back then, Bungii was just a team of four: Ben, Harrison, Josh and Eric. Bungii had …

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Company Employees

How We Embarrassed a Multi-Million Dollar Startup

YOU MIGHT BE THINKING TO YOURSELF, Bungii embarrassed a multi-million dollar startup? How could they?? They seem like the nicest people. This seems out of …

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How to Optimize Retail and Commercial Logistics with Flex Deliveries

If you are a retailer, shipper, or transportation company you probably face this problem– transporting off route products, large items, or single pallets drives up …

Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery

What’s the #1 Overlooked Way You Could Change Your Business Overnight? Three words: same day delivery. Due to the “Amazon effect,” consumer expectations for delivery …

Our Plan for COVID-19

Dear Friends of Bungii, We recognize the constantly changing COVID-19 situation around the world is an unprecedented time for everyone — a time that, for …

“Wait, It’s Actually Working?”

It’s weird. It’s weird when you take the chance to look back at how far you’ve come and see how much has changed. It’s weird when the complete free-for-all transforms into processes and structure. It’s weird growing up.

How To Dodge Flying Pianos

We knew we were going to be stretched a little thin but we’re young! And have energy! And can work our way through anything!

It worked pretty well when launching K.C. It should work again, right?

The Best Dumb Decision I Ever Made

My mind raced back to California. Jumping on the fast-track to corporate success sounded like the right move. The sunny, 75 degree weather and lure of easy west coast living was too good to turn down. But for some reason I did.

The Joy of Ambition

Focusing on the negatives is too simple — the tough part is admitting it. But there is just as much joy in the the failures as there is in the solutions. Once we acknowledged that simple truth, it changed everything.