Customer Expectations for Retail Delivery & How Businesses can Rise to new Demand

Customers have almost endless options to shop online and in their local neighborhoods. With this expanded availability of products, they expect more of businesses: faster delivery times and better product availability. Learn how to rise to the new demand created by changing customer expectations for retail delivery! Your business may not be able to solve for … Read more

Solving Problems in the Supply Chain: 5 Steps to Take Now to Prepare for 2022

If you’ve tried to order anything online recently you’ve probably seen items sold out or even unknown shipping dates. Not much of an online shopper? Chances are that even your favorite brick and mortar stores have had some sparse shelves. As 2022 begins it’s clear to see there is a national, dare we say global, … Read more

How Bungii Changed Delivery for a Major Retailer in 45 Days

2021 How Bungii Changed Delivery for a Major Retailer in 45 Days

Changing last mile delivery for retailers doesn’t happen overnight. If you are waiting to add, or change, your last mile program to speed up your delivery, Bungii has the solution for your business. We have transformed hundreds of businesses by implementing custom solutions for their last mile needs. We solve the traditional problems of final mile … Read more

What a Quesadilla Is Teaching Us About Logistics

What a Quesadilla is Teaching Us About Logistics

If you haven’t heard the good news yet, Chipotle announced last month they were introducing a new item to their menu. That’s right, you can now get a hand-crafted quesadilla from almost every Chipotle location. But here’s the catch, you can only order it through the Chipotle app or online. If you’re wondering why the … Read more

3 Ways Bungii Gets Delivery Right for Businesses

Commercial Delivery

Do you wish your last mile delivery program was better? Maybe high costs are an issue, or perhaps you never have enough trucks to move your product. And let’s not discuss getting there on time or even the several days some last mile providers can take. Current options for last mile delivery have been a … Read more

How We Saved a Major Supplier 40% on Reverse Logistics

Commercial Delivery

Bungii is more than just a logistics and delivery service. What makes us stand out isn’t just our end-to-end solutions for expanding options for same day, large item delivery. It is our ability to truly work alongside our partners to create a comprehensive logistics and delivery program that saves time and money. How? For one … Read more

How to Use Same Day Delivery to Increase Your Sales

One Area You’re Probably Losing Customers Two words that will horrify any customer at any store: “delivery window”. Even typing that out sent a shiver down our spine. The delivery window can set you back and disrupt your entire day. Is it coming today between 8-12? Thursday between 1-5? Sometime this decade?!  It’s flat out … Read more

How to Optimize Retail and Commercial Logistics with Flex Deliveries

If you are a retailer, shipper, or transportation company you probably face this problem– transporting off route products, large items, or single pallets drives up costs fast. The last thing your logistics program needs is shipping tons of air between your stores, warehouses, or to your customers. Unfortunately, the solutions to this problem aren’t so … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery

Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery

What’s the #1 Overlooked Way You Could Change Your Business Overnight? Three words: same day delivery. Due to the “Amazon effect,” consumer expectations for delivery are rapidly evolving. Purchasing decisions are becoming more and more influenced by the delivery experience versus any other type of interaction. Traditional delivery standards cannot meet the timeliness and quality … Read more